Continuous software maintenance

Continuous software maintenance

Philips RightFit Evolution is a software maintenance agreement to continually upgrade your patient monitoring system.

Why choose RightFit Evolution

By keeping our monitors at the most current revision,
we can significantly extend the life of that equipment from a capital procurement perspective .”


— Dennis Minsent, Director, Clinical Technology Services, Oregon Health and Science University

The more advanced the technology gets, the more
the service contract needs to help us maintain that equipment .”


— Jane Kiah, Director, Invasive Services, Miami Cardiac & Vascular Institute

Continually advancing service


RightFit Evolution gives you access to new IntelliVue software versions as they become available, allowing you to take advantage of the latest functionality.


The service agreement helps you get the most from your Philips monitoring solutions, continuously opening up new opportunities for improved patient care and a simplified workflow, helping you maintain your competitive edge. With RightFit Evolution, you can preserve the value of your clinical investment, with increased flexibility, maintaining compatibility and interoperability throughout your institution, on a preplanned budget, with limited clinician and infrastructure disruption.


Top RightFit Evolution features

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Access to the latest Philips software features and functionality as soon as they are available
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Software version compatibility and standardization across your IntelliVue and patient monitoring solutions
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Benefit from Philips expertise to ensure optimal system usage
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Software, and labor costs locked in for the duration of the contract for predictable costs
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Go-live clinical training

Offerings based on your needs


RightFit Evolution is a multi-year software maintenance agreement designed to ensure that your Philips IntelliVue systems are maintained at the latest software versions available, when you want them and how you want them.

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Resources to support your decision-making


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Future-proof your equipment with ongoing upgrades and support


Make equipment part of your comprehensive maintenance plan. Philips offers equipment maintenance contracts for patient monitoring systems – as well as imaging systems and ultrasound devices – to keep your technology current and effective.

Customized Service Agreements for equipment

Philips RightFit Evolution

RightFit Evolution provides multi-year software for your Philips Intellivue solution, tailored to your specific requirements.



Benefit from Philips expertise in installation, project management, and optimization training


Financial Planning:


Philips software services help you lock in costs for the duration of the contract



Access Intellivue software upgrades as they become available, enabling system-wide security




Ensure software compatibility and standardization across your Intellivue solution




Benefit from proactive communication and consulting on value and impact of software upgrades for clinical performance



Philips equipment maintenance agreements are designed to protect and upgrade your ongoing patient monitoring investments. Working with Philips ensures that your IntelliVue Information Systems and patient monitors work to their utmost efficacy and are supported by the OEM technicians who know your systems best.

Equipment operating with state-of-the-art software to consistently deliver high-quality patient care
System compatibility and enhanced maintenance support
Supports standardization, compliance and maintenance across the IT environment
Continual seamless integration with your EMR to help meet Joint Commission goals and standards of care
Prevents unexpected costs through long-term maintenance and protection from obsolescence
Growth and expansion
Keeps pace with technology now and in the future

Financing structure


The service and financing can be structured based on your needs.

Value and financial benefits


Philips RightFit Evolution offers an effective way to leverage your initial investment and increase the cost effectiveness of your Philips system.


Controlling cost

  • Software licenses, implementation and other professional services included
  • Long-term software maintenance saves staff time by removing the administrative burden of repeated order processing and payment
  • You have the option to include PC and/or server refresh as required by software revisions


Ready for more

  • Your monitoring system will be ready to integrate new equipment if you are moving, renovating or just adding more beds or departments
  • When the clinicians want to purchase newly released functionalities, your system will be ready, no hassle

Education and training


RightFit Service Agreements offer a great deal of choice in how, when and where you can take part in clinical and technical training courses. Many customers take advantage of economy of scale by using flex accounts. Customers can use these accounts to purchase a “block” of training/education hours as part of their maintenance contracts, to use as they see fit.