Minicare home

Home monitoring to support patients during chemotherapy

Stay in touch with your patients
The Minicare Home is a monitoring service that allows you to have more contact with your patients while they are at home by monitoring them at regular intervals during their treatment. It can help you to discover complications in an early stage and manage them remotely.
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Today’s challenges in chemotherapy

Adverse events

Over 16% of patients are hospitalised due to adverse events, such as infections as a side effect of the therapy.



*Reference: Hassett et al. J Natl Cancer Inst 2006;98: 1108 – 17

Treatment scheduling

Many patients have not recovered enough to receive the next part of the treatment

We see approximately 50-60 patients a week who are admitted non electively with a recorded diagnosis of cancer. The annual cost of these admissions in 2014-15 was more than £12 million and the Income that we received was less than £10 million. This impacts on the flow of elective patients (mostly surgical) and further reduces our Income”


Patrick McGinley, Head of Costing and SLR at Maidstone & Tunbridge Wells NHS Trust in England


Remote patient monitoring

Qualified for self-test
The Minicare Home monitoring service has been designed to be intuitive and easy to use for your patients. Care is taken to ensure that the patient is properly trained and is able to perform the finger-prick test, temperature reading and health questionnaire.

Extend your reach

Timely warnings on adverse events
In-between chemotherapy cycles it is often a challenge to assess the patient’s condition. Patients can find it difficult to separate the expected side-effects of the chemotherapy treatment from any serious adverse events. The patient’s self-test information ensures that key symptoms are not being missed and enables you to intervene in a timely manner if complications arise.

Innovative service in oncology care

Hospital to home
Minicare Home is a monitoring service that compliments your existing chemotherapy care. It will allow you to have more contact with your patients while they are at home by monitoring them at regular intervals during their treatment. It has the potential to improve the patient experience, reduce costs and offer new ways to provide personalised care plans.

How it works


Minicare Home monitoring is a full service offering from Philips. You enlist your patients, schedule the tests and set the warning settings. We take care of the rest including logistics, patient training and IT connectivity.

Minicare Home service

Empower patients to be actively involved in the monitoring of their health. Learn more about the Minicare Home equipment and components.