Avalon Cableless maternal and fetal monitoring system

Avalon CL

Cableless maternal and fetal monitoring system


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Simple activities like finding a comfortable position or even just walking around can be quite challenging for a mother-to-be connected to a maternal and fetal monitor. As a caregiver, you want to make your patients comfortable, and offer flexibility, while you focus on the most important factor - their well being. Avalon CL provides all of this, and more.

Monitor twins, triplets and mom, too
Monitor twins, triplets and mom, too

Monitor twins, triplets and mom, too

Avalon CL allows for standard measurement plus continuous wireless monitoring of fetal heart rate of twins and triplets, along with maternal NBP and SpO₂. Our patented Smart Pulse technology can detect heart rate coincidence by automatically comparing the maternal pulse and multiple fetal heart rates to make sure separation is maintained.
No cables means moms have freedom to ... || Cableless fetal monitoring for

No cables means moms have freedom to move

Avalon CL can enhance the experience for the laboring mom without sacrificing essential fetal monitoring needs required by the clinician. It allows moms to move freely during labor and offers them flexible birthing options. And without cable clutter to deal with, clinicians can concentrate on making patients’ time in the hospital as enjoyable as possible.
Part of a wireless OB department || Part of a wireless OB

Part of a wireless OB department

Avalon CL, part of our obstetrical and fetal monitoring and information management portfolio, works easily with our Avalon fetal monitors. The cableless transducers transmit fetal and maternal vital signs information to a fetal monitor via the base station. From there, patient information can be transferred to our IntelliSpace Perinatal information management system.
Three types of transducers || Choice of transducer

Three types of transducers

Three types of cableless transducers are available. An ultrasound transducer measures fetal heart rate and fetal movement. The Toco+MP transducer measures uterine activity, maternal pulse, and either maternal ECG, fetal ECG, or IUP. And the ECG/IUP transducer measures either maternal ECG, fetal ECG, or intrauterine pressure (IUP).
Avalon video

Avalon CL - A moving birth experience for mom, for baby, for you. View this video to see how Gloucestershire Royal Hospital and Heidelberg Hospital are allowing expectant moms to stand, sit, walk, and take a relaxing shower or bath during labor.


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Thanks to the wireless capabilities of the Avalon CL maternal and fetal heart monitoring solution, mothers can move around freely and caregivers can access patient information remotely. Watch this video to see how the Burnside Hospital in Australia delivers a new birthing experience for mothers, OB clinicians and nurses.

  • The transducers are rated IP68, for underwater monitoring at 1m depth for up to 5 hours.
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