Tempus ALS Monitor/defibrillator

Tempus ALS



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Tempus ALS¹ is a modern approach to prehospital monitoring and defibrillation. The Tempus Pro monitor and Tempus LS defibrillator³ work together to create a powerful, reliable solution that empowers caregivers to focus on the patient, unburdened by their equipment.

Flexible range of parameters
Powerful, flexible monitoring

Powerful, flexible monitoring

With its user-friendly layout, the lightweight (2.9 kg/6.4 lb) Tempus Pro monitor provides a range of monitoring parameters including: 12-lead ECG to monitor, arrhythmia, ST elevation and QT segment with alarms, capnography, noninvasive blood pressure, Masimo rainbowᵀᴹ SETᵀᴹ options, up to four lines of invasive pressure, and up to two lines of temperature².
Universal standards
Flexibility to grow with you

Flexibility to grow with you

The Tempus ALS was designed with growth in mind to accommodate your needs and budget. By adopting universal technology standards and connectors, the Tempus ALS is built to grow with you as your needs evolve. USB and wireless interfaces allow expanded monitoring and diagnostics to include video laryngoscopy and ultrasound without adding additional standalone devices.
Multiple communication protocols
Wired or wireless connections

Wired or wireless connections

Proprietary communication technologies mean data can be stored, viewed and shared in multiple ways. And extra features, such as the customizable summary record of care, can be integrated into an eCPR, shared via email or exported to a USB – meaning that you can get the data you need, how you need it.
Quick, basic ultrasound
Ultrasound and vascular exams

Ultrasound and vascular exams

An optional plug-in transducer (3.5 MHz for general purpose or 7.5 MHz for line placement or vascular exams) can extend the capabilities of the Tempus Pro platform to include ultrasound for basic field assessment. Create FAST exam reports (transmitted in real time or post-event) for automatic inclusion in the record of care.⁵
Laryngoscopy support
Video laryngoscopy on site

Video laryngoscopy on site

An optional plug-in Karl Storz-C-MAC® video laryngoscope imager offers video laryngoscopy support during airway management. Disposable Macintosh and D-Blades allow visualization of laryngoscope images on the Tempus Pro display, capturing still images for transmission to the patient record. View vitals, including capnography and SpO₂, while intubating the patient.
Power in a small package
Ready to use when you need it

Ready to use when you need it

The Tempus Pro Li-ion battery allows at least 10 hours and 45 minutes of use with the display brightness at 60%. Rated at IP66, you can take it where you need it, even in challenging conditions. And with both wired and wireless connections (Cat5, Wi-Fi, 3G and Bluetooth), you can count on secure, real-time data transmission even when communications are poor.⁶


Physical dimensions
Physical dimensions
Tempus LS size
  • 200 mm (7.9") x 164 (6.5") x 72 (2.8"), cube 142" (excluding rear clip)
Tempus LS weight
  • 2.0 kg (4.4 lb) nominal, including battery
Tempus Pro size
  • 263 mm (10.3") x 216 mm (8.5") x 100 mm (3.9"), cube 346"
Tempus Pro weight
  • 2.9 kg (6.4 lb), battery, excluding IP module, accessories and printer² (with printer, 3.2 kg(7 lb))
Control interface
Control interface
Tempus LS interface
  • Clearly labeled buttons
Event button
  • Quickly add drugs, fluids, therapies and interventions to the patient record
Tempus Pro alarms
Tempus Pro alarms
  • Adult, pediatric, neonate
  • Adjustable ≤85 dBA at 1m
Alarm indicator
  • 360° alarm visible indicator lights
User configurable
  • Visual and audible alarms
  • User-selectable display formats
  • High-contrast, NVG compatible
Tempus LS
  • Color, 145 mm (5.7"), 640x480 pixels
Tempus Pro
  • Color, 165 mm (6.5") 640x480 pixels, 130 klux daylight-readable display
  • 11.3mm (4") integrated thermal printer (optional)
On-screen trends & events
On-screen trends & events
Graphical and tabular format
  • All vital signs parameters
  • Summary record of care of drugs, fluids, therapies and interventions
Battery and power
Battery and power
Tempus LS and Pro battery type
  • Rechargeable, user-replaceable lithium-ion battery
Tempus LS operating time
  • At least 300 shocks at 200 J from fully charged battery
Tempus LS monitoring time
  • Greater than 12 hours ECG monitoring from a fully charged battery
Tempus Pro operating time⁴
  • Min 10.75 hours (display brightness=60%) or min 11.5 hrs (display brightness=30%)⁵
  • ¹ Tempus ALS is a modular monitor/defibrillator system consisting of Tempus Pro monitor and Tempus LS defibrillator.
  • ² Optional, additional feature.
  • ³ Tempus LS is not available in the US.
  • ⁴ Test done without printing.
  • ⁵ With ECG, SpO₂, etCO₂, temperature (x2) and NBP every 15 minutes and display active 50% of the time; max 14 hours with battery saving mode activated
  • ⁶ Reliable data transmission (EDS) data is streamed automatically during the initial assessment and transport of the patient using Enhanced Data Service (EDS) protocol3. EDS is designed to ensure effective data transfer even when the underlying connectivity is poor or of low bandwidth.
  • C-MAC is the property of Karl Storz
  • Bluetooth is licensed by the Bluetooth SIG.
  • Masimo rainbow SET, PVI, SpHb, SpMet, SpCO and SpOC are the property of Masimo Inc.
  • Oridion and Microstream are trademarks of Medtronic.