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    No more compromises

    Meet MR Workspace, our industry-unique control room engine that delivers quality and efficiency without compromise. This intuitive solution is designed to simplify the path from image acquisition to diagnosis and to empower your team to drive productivity and predictability for a smooth-running department.

    Explore the benefits MR Workspace can bring to your radiology department
    Department journey

    Simplify the path from image acquisition to diagnosis

    First point

    Know what’s coming your way every day

    Prepare exams before patients arrive and gain increased control over your daily schedule.

    Second point

    Fast forward from learning to doing

    Make it easy for staff to come up to speed with integrated Artificial Intelligence1, automation and task guidance.

    Third point

    Count on image quality. Every single time

    Aim to deliver consistent image quality regardless of radiographers' experience and patient challenges with guided and automated workflow assistance.

    Fourth point

    Be known for fast results

    Give radiologists what they need to read studies quickly by performing the first post-processing steps at MR Workspace and then delivering them anywhere in the enterprise.

    Fifth point

    Give your staff what they need to do the job right

    Glide through both routine and complex studies with ease using AI1 -enabled tools that deliver confidence in a job done right.

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    Customise MR Workspace to fit your needs

    MR Console Plus
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    MR Console plus

    The core of MR Workspace, MR Console Plus provides an intuitive interface, large image viewports, essential parameter reveal, task guidance, and access to other smart features. It brings insights through high-end and routine Advanced Visualisation applications and delivers expert guidance in post-processing regardless of radiographer expertise and experience.

    MR day manager thumb
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    MR Day Manager

    MR Day Manager enables exam planning before patient arrival. With full integration of vital patient and schedule information from the HIS/RIS, radiographers can assign ExamCards, anticipate roadblocks, and prepare for special situations by entering MR Conditional implant information, pregnancy status and ambulatory information. Protocol Assistant uses AI to suggest the most used protocol for each clinical indication.

    MR Console pro thumb
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    MR Console Pro

    MR Console Pro supports patient focus while enabling parallel tasking, making work productive and satisfying. The high-definition dual monitor set-up allow the radiographers to: never lose sight of your current patient, even while parallel tasking, assess the quality of the current exam in real-time, finish postprocessing without delaying the next patient and perform advanced visualisation without toggling between screens.

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    Integrating radiology workflows

    Think what could happen if you connected workflows across the radiology enterprise

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    1. According to the definition of AI from the EU High-Level Expert Group.

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