In-vitro Diagnostics



Moving in-vitro diagnostics

to the point-of-care

Bringing in-vitro diagnostics close to your patient is a way of delivering the best possible care, and to do that for less cost. We want to help you make medical decisions wherever your patient is, in the home or hospital, so you can quickly decide on the right treatment.

In-vitro Diagnostics

Minicare Family

Minicare I-20

Minicare I-20


  • Minicare I-20* for the acute care setting
  • Lab comparable results within 10 minutes
  • On the spot decision making
  • Improve patient flow and overall efficiency



Near patient blood testing – ready where  you are

Near patient blood testing – ready where you are

Philips Minicare is a family of innovative point-of-care systems designed to make near-patient blood testing easy and straightforward. The devices are simple and easy to use, even by non-technical staff, with built in quality control delivering consistent results, every time. Wherever your patients are – in the emergency department, at home for chemotherapy monitoring – Philips Minicare has the ability to deliver accurate diagnostic information from only a droplet of blood. Testing near to the patient also supports you in delivering a more patient-centric approach to healthcare.
Lab comparable results within minutes, from a finger prick of blood

Lab comparable results within minutes, from a finger prick of blood

In-vitro diagnostics testing at the point-of-care requires significantly fewer steps, improving your working experience while caring for your patients. With Minicare, you no longer need to send blood to the lab, or wait an hour for the results. Wherever your patients are, you can be right there with them. Every member of the Minicare family has the potential to deliver high-quality, lab comparable results within minutes, from only a finger prick of blood, with very little or no QC needed and remote services.
Fast, accurate results to improve workflow  efficiency

Fast, accurate results to improve workflow efficiency

Minicare systems easily integrate into your existing way of working, helping you achieve workflow efficiencies. The devices have the potential to connect with your hospital and lab systems to give everyone immediate access to up-to-date information. Your staff will benefit from reduced stress levels, and so will you. At the same time, you will be seen to deliver an improved and streamlined service, while patients report increased levels of satisfaction and reduced anxiety.
Greater confidence in making on-the-spot  decisions

Greater confidence in making on-the-spot decisions

Fast, accurate near-patient testing, every time, will give you greater confidence in making timely, on-the-spot decisions. Wherever you are, you have the potential to improve patient outcomes, while making more efficient use of resources. In the emergency department, you can safely, and quickly, discharge some patients, while ensuring others start treatment more promptly. And some patients may no longer need to visit hospital, freeing up scarce resources. With Minicare, you can remotely monitor your patient’s condition from their own home, taking prompt decisions on their progress.
Working together with collaborators to improve  patient outcomes

Working together with collaborators to improve patient outcomes


As well as developing our own family of products, Philips is open to collaborating with other healthcare companies to exploit the full potential of the Minicare technology. Our vision is to collaborate with partners a to develop the Minicare platform so that we create the widest possible range of near-patient solutions. Together, with our partners, we are working on a suite of specific blood tests that could ultimately provide doctors with accurate, on-the-spot diagnostic information.  

Quotation mark

Using point-of-care devices for IVD near-patient testing across a range of healthcare settings presents one of the breakthrough opportunities for improving patient care, while ensuring sustainability of the healthcare system.”  


Prof Per Venge, Dept. of Medical Sciences, Uppsala University Hospital, Sweden

* Product available in selected countries only. Check with your local Philips representative for availability.