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    Philips partner with public and independent sector healthcare providers to accelerate growth of local diagnostic hubs and diagnostic centres through providing infrastructure, state-of-the-art technologies, integrated information systems and enabling solutions aimed at improving clinical, experiential, operational and financial outcomes.


    Click below to visualise how partnering with Philips can bring your diagnostic hub or diagnostic centre vision to life.

    Diagnostic centre vision

    Interim Community Diagnostic Hub solutions

    With rising backlogs in diagnostic imaging waiting times, Philips supports the NHS through providing interim Community Diagnostic Centres or Hubs (CDC/H) in modular and relocatable format. 


    CDC/H solutions are adaptable and can include common areas along with bolt-on imaging rooms including Magnetic Resonance (MRI) and Computed Tomography (CT).  Each room can be removed and replaced with changing demand.


    Philips manages CDC/H projects from initial design to final completion, including full construction management services

    X-ray room

    Community Diagnostic Centre 3D Walkthrough

    Tour through a Philips enabled CDC and visualise how your healthcare provider could realise out-of-hospital diagnostic capacity

    3D Walkthrough Video Tour

    Alternatively watch our short video tour here
    3D Walkthrough Video Tour

    Our Community Diagnostic Centres are underpinned by the expert team at Philips Managed Services.  We design these state-of-the-art facilities in partnership with you. Depending on your requirements we provide planning, procurement, implementation, maintenance and performance services.

    We deliver people-centric designs by incorporating integrated medical technologies including Ambient Experience solutions, driving better patient and staff satisfaction, higher productivity and improved outcomes. Our use of AI technology also drives efficiency, accuracy and quality of care – all the time whilst ensuring you achieve value for money through optimum total cost of ownership.

    Philips Financial Services can support a range of predicable financing and financial planning models to match all budgetary requirements and empower customers to drive improved clinical, patient and staff experiential, operational and financial outcomes.

    Community diagnostic centres infographic
    Number one
    We partner to provide your patients with the latest medical technologies and devices, incorporating immersive experience solutions.
    Number two
    Our solutions are supported through a range of flexible, cost-effective, financing and financial planning models, tailored to meet specific budgetary requirements.
    Number three
    Delivering patient and staff journey excellence through optimising workflows, enabling access to ergonomic technology, research and training programs.
    Number four
    We leverage our transformation expertise to deliver state-of-the-art facilities and clinical pathways, through assessment of equipment and service needs, clinical service modelling, infrastructure planning, strategic design and change management programs.
    Number five
    We support you through providing dedicated service excellence delivery teams, support structures to ensure maximum utilisation of assets alongside integrated information systems and remote monitoring of all vendor-neutral medical technologies, devices & integrated information management systems.

    Types of Community Diagnostic Centres (CDC)

    Whilst there are a number of proposed models, health inequalities and deprivation are not uniform across the United Kingdom. Community Diagnostic Centres and hubs should not be viewed as “one size fits all” solutions and to this end they are likely to be bespoke to meet the needs of the local population.


    There are three proposed models which include a range of core services.  The Independent sector support realisation through either partnering with acute providers across all three models or operating their own centres

    In addition to core services, facilities have scope to include further services

    Philips as your technology partner

    Click the (i) buttons below to view how Philips partners with both acute and independent sector providers to support realisation of CDC programmes:
    Diagnostic centre vision

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    Diagnostic & Treatment Provision

    Diagnostic & Treatment Provision in England  – Expanding Care Delivery  


    Presenters:  Stephen McMillan, Head of Solutions CoE Philips UKI & Jeevan Gunaratnam, Community Diagnostic Director, Philips UKI


    In order to deliver on the NHS plan and vision, Philips’ premise is that there needs to be a transformation in delivery of diagnostic and treatment services in England, expanding care delivery out of traditional hospital settings into community and specialist settings, as well as using the opportunity granted by affordable and accessible spaces on our high streets.




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