Why Operational Intelligence and why now ?

    Around the world, every health system had been struggling with rising costs, aging populations, chronic health challenges, legacy technology and overworked staff. While addressing many challenges, the digital transformation also brought its own challenges, from data and interoperability disconnects to knowledge shortages.

    Healthcare leaders have worked hard to redefine healthcare by moving to the value-based care model. We believe that adopting a more integrated, service-based healthcare model with a focus on behavioural change, that connects the silos and builds on relationships, technology and processes, could optimise spending and capabilities.

    Operational intelligence

    Trends driving change:

    • The point of care has shifted towards the patient – healthcare as a service 
    • The need for a healthcare operating system that promotes partnership, integration and collaboration 
    • The quadruple aim of healthcare 
    • Healthcare information has been digitized but often its potential remains untapped 
    • Philips Services & Solutions Delivery and healthcare: Becoming a partner to maximize value


    What is Operational Intelligence?


    Operational Intelligence aims to combine people, processes and technology through a partnership.

    A new integrated operating model for the service of care

    How Operational Intelligence works

    Rather than operating as a sales organisation, when Philips Services & Solutions Delivery partners with a healthcare provider, we bring our Operational Intelligence approach to merge skills and capabilities. Working together can offer significant benefits to the efficiency of your operating model, combining processes, people and technology.

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    Working as one: Our skills merge with yours for combined, continuous improvement.


    Operational Intelligence is about unlocking efficiencies in your processes. It is about co-creation and tailored solutions that are right for you.


    Operational Intelligence enables technology to be both connected and interoperable by breaking down silos to provide a comprehensive, ongoing overview of how technology is required and will be utilised.

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    “At the end of the day, care is a human activity. Technology is not there to replace caregivers, it is there to support them.”

    Conrad Smits
    Head of Philips Services and Solutions Delivery


    Featured insights

    Read why Operational Intelligence is a mindset and methodology for accelerated operations excellence.


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    Innovating in diagnostics with new models of out of hospital care

    Read how the COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated change in healthcare, resulting in a focus on innovation in diagnostics with new models of out of hospital care. Enabling a significant leap forward in patient-centric, future forward care.

    Creating a learning ecosystem within your hospital

    Discover why healthcare transformation involves a significant reinvestment in its workforce to provide knowledge, processes and technological support required to develop the capabilities necessary for Healthcare 4.0.

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    Discover why essential and effective medical device cybersecurity requires collaboration between stakeholders, hospitals manufacturers, regulatory agencies and researchers.

    Medical device cybersecurity strategy

    Read how to safeguard medical devices and take steps towards creating an enterprise-wide resilience strategy

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    Connecting departments, devices and disciplines

    Philips Customer Service & Solutions is your partner to connect departments, devices and disciplines via operational intelligence.

    Cybersecurity services

    Cybersecurity services

    Cybersecurity is crucial in the age of connected health. Philips Cybersecurity Services provide superior care to the security of the data and devices in your hospital; from enterprise cybersecurity and hardware and software upgrades, to staff training, incident response management and security by design.

    Education services

    Education and Training Services

    Philips Healthcare Education and Training Services enable you to unlock the full potential of your staff, technology, and organisation current and meaningful education.

    Maintenance services

    Maintenance Services

    Philips Maintenance Services helps you drive performance, usability and interoperability of your medical devices by keeping your technology up and running.

    Managed technology services

    Managed Technology Services

    Philips Managed Technology Services is a comprehensive, outcome based service and solutions programme designed to help you in managing and optimising your healthcare technology within your hospital as a whole.

    Healthcare transformation services

    Healthcare Transformation Services

    Philips Healthcare Transformation Services help you achieve clinical excellence and operational efficiency while improving financial performance and delivering quality patient care.

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