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    Avent Smart ear thermometer



    My ear thermometer readings differ at different times

    When using the Philips Avent Smart Ear thermometer you might get different readings when you perform multiple measurements. Find out what the cause could be.

    Normal daily variations

    It is normal for temperature readings to differ throughout the day. Normal daily variation is approx. 0.5 °C (0.9 °F), with lower temperatures in the morning and higher temperatures in the late afternoon / evening.

    Other influencing factors

    Differences between measurements can also result from the following factors:

    • The thermometer is not the same temperature as the room you are measuring in (Example: it has been in a much warmer or colder room).
    • The thermometer is inserted into the ear canal at a different depth or angle.
    • The ear canal is not free of wax.
    • The ear has been covered, the person has been lying on the ear, has had an earplug or hearing aid in the ear canal, has taken a bath/shower just before or has been in an extremely cold or warm room immediately beforehand.
    • The infrared sensor isn't cleaned before use.
    • You have held the device in your hand for too long. Put the device on the table in the room where the measurement is taking place and let it cool down first.
    • Your room temperature is too low or too high. Use your thermometer at temperatures between 10.0 °C/ 50.0 °F and 40.0 °C/104.0 °F.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SCH740/86 .

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