Sonicare UV Brush Head Sanitiser


Frequently Asked Questions

Why are unsanitary toothbrush heads a problem?

Wondering why the problem of unsanitary toothbrush heads just came to light now? And why you have not heard anything about it from your dental professional?

Philips Sonicare helps you to optimise your oral health

Some consumers have become increasingly vigilant about their physical well-being and establishing and maintaining a healthy lifestyle. This vigilance extends to oral health. Not only are consumers taking meticulous care of their teeth and gums, but they want to ensure that their toothbrushes are as clean as possible. By giving consumers the ability to sanitise their power toothbrush heads every day, Philips Sonicare is contributing to consumer interest in optimising their oral health regimens through increased hygiene.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HX7990/02 .

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