AquaTrio Vacuuming and Mopping System

3-in-1 FC7070/01

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I damage my floor using the Philips AquaTrio?

No, the AquaTrio uses much less water than that used for normal mopping.


To clean 60m2 of hard floor, the AquaTrio uses only 700ml of water, while normal mopping would use around 6000 ml. Combined with the gentle micro-fibre brushes rotating at an amazingly high speed, this ensures extra protection for your floors.

Micro-fibre is a very gentle yet resistant type of material, used in various industrial and domestic appliances. It is light, resistant and perfect for fast-rotating cleaning brushes, such as the ones used in the AquaTrio.

The Philips AquaTrio

The information on this page applies to the following models: FC7070/01 .

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