Lumea Prestige IPL - Hair removal device

With unique curved attachments, Precision areas, body, face, With SmartSkin sensor, Both cordless and corded use BRI954/00


How do I use the Philips Lumea slide and flash mode?

Place Lumea at a 90° angle so that the attachment is contact with your skin.

  1. Apply a slight pressure.
  2. Press the flash button to release a flash and keep the flash button pressed - your Lumea will release one flash after another as long as the safety ring is in full contact with the skin.
  3. After a flash, slide and move on to the next area, while making sure the tip of the device is fully pressed on your skin -a flash will follow the next within a few seconds, so make sure that you move on to the next area immediately after a flash.
Lumea slide and flash mode

The information on this page applies to the following models: BRI954/00 , BRI863/00 , BRI950/00 , BRI956/00 , BRI953/00 , BRI861/00 , SC2004/14 , SC1983/30 , SC2009/75 , SC2009/70 , SC2009/60 , SC2009/30 , SC2007/80 , SC2007/70 , SC2007/30 , SC2005/80 , SC2005/30 , SC1999/80 , SC1999/70 , SC1997/70 , SC1997/60 , SC1997/30 , SC1995/00 , SC1984/00 , SC1983/00 , SC2009/00 , SC2007/00 , SC2005/00 , SC1999/00 , SC1997/00 , SC1985/50 , SC1985/00 , SC1996/00 , SC1981/00 , SC2008/11 , SC2004/11 , SC2006/11 , SC2003/00 , SC2003/11 , SC2006/00 . more less

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