Mixer Grinder

3 jar 550 W, lavender HL1618/00


My Philips mixer grinder jar lid is leaking

In the unfortunate event your Philips mixer grinder jar lid is leaking, there might be a simple solution.

If you notice leakage from the jar lid, check if the gasket has been assembled properly

  • If the gasket is loose or not properly fitted, push it up to ensure that it fits snugly.

    • Place the lid on the jar and switch on the appliance again.
  • If the gasket is cracked, get it replaced.

    • To get the gasket replaced, please contact your local Philips dealer or an authorised Philips service centre.
    • For a list of authorised Philips service centres, please contact us.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HL1618/00 .

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