BlueTouch pain relief patch

Innovative LED pain relief PR3082/00

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the BlueTouch Pain Relief patch work?

The BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch is a wearable medical device that intends to treat back pain during normal daily activities by supplying light and heat to the body by means of optical power and thermal induction.

Blue LED light

The combination of special blue LED light and warmth encourages the body's own recovery processes through improved blood circulation and enhanced oxygen and nutrient supply.


The BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch is intended to be used on the upper or lower back and can be positioned and adjusted on the treatment area by means of a fabric strap. The device is powered by built-in, non-exchangeable, rechargeable batteries. The BlueTouch Pain Relief Patch is only intended to be used and operated by persons older than 18 years of age.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3082/00 , PR3092/00 , PR3741/00 , PR3743/00 . more less

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