WardrobeCare Integrated ironing board

Iconic trolley design, foldable board GC9940/05


My Philips Steam generator's power-light is blinking

The Philips Steam generator automatically descales every few ironing sessions during which the power-light will blink.

Auto Calc-Clean

The Auto Calc clean process is designed to keep the appliance scale-free.

Wait until the Calc-Cleaning process is completed (when the rinse tray light starts blinking and the appliance beeps), empty the rinse tray and reinsert it.

Note: During the Auto Calc Clean process, the iron and steamer are switched off.

As soon as the power-on light remains constant, you can resume ironing/steaming by switching on the iron/steamer.

Auto Calc Clean process

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC9940/05 , GC9920/05 .

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