PerfectDraft Home beer draft system

70 W, 6-l Kegs, 30 days of beer, 3°C, LCD display (temp, volume) HD3620/25


The connection top of the keg has come off

1) The keg was placed in the freezer.
Never store a keg in the freezer, as this can cause damage to the keg. Do not use this keg anymore. Place a new keg into the appliance.

2) The connection top was loose when I bought the keg.
Do not use this keg anymore. Take the keg back to the shop where you bought it and use a new keg.

You can also contact the PerfectDraft call centre in your country: for Belgium and Luxembourg +32 (0)78-250159, for Germany 01801-324000, for the Netherlands 0900-2224222.

When you contact us please have available:

  • The exact model number of the appliance (HD36xx)
  • The serial number of your appliance (you find it on the bottom of the appliance)
  • The expiry date of the keg
  • The production number of the keg (number under the expiry date)

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD3620/25 , HD3610/50 , HD3620/20 , HD3620/21 . more less

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