DVD player

HDMI 1080p, DivX Ultra DVP5980/05


No sound from my Philips player via digital out

When you plug in the HDMI cable to the set, the set automatically switches HDMI Audio setting to ONso that sound is available via HDMI on your TV. If you want to obtain sound via Digital Out, you will need to turn OFF the HDMI Audio setting manually. This setting will be remembered even when you switch the set to standby mode. In the event you turn on the DVP5980 first, followed by the TV, you might encounter sound appearing through HDMI rather than via Digital Out. This is due to the HDMI Audio setting being turned ON again automatically. The workaround for this would be to switch ONthe TV first, followed by the DVP5980. Note: Software upgrade is currently in development and will be made available soon to ensure that the setting will be remembered.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP5980/05 , DVP5980/12 .

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