External Hard Disk

multimedia, 750 GB, USB 2.0 SPE9030CC/05


Subtitles not displayed from my Philips multimedia disk

The standard font on the multimedia player does not support non-Unicode characters. There are 2 ways to resolve this issue: 1) Convert the subtitles to Unicode format * Open the related subtitle file (.sub or .srt) using a text editor like Microsoft � Notepad * Then save the file choosing 'Save as' and selecting 'Unicode' as the encoding option * Please make sure that both the video file and the subtitle file have the same name, and that both are stored in the same folder on your device. If, for example, the filename of the movie is 'movie.mpg' then you will need to name the subtitle file 'movie.sub' or 'movie.srt'. 2) Add TrueType fonts to the multimedia player * Create a '\Firmware\Font' folder on the multimedia player * Copy a TrueType font that supports non-English characters from your computer to this folder * Rename the font file 'font.ttf'

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPE9030CC/05 , SPE9025CC/05 , SPE9025CC/10 , SPE9010CC/05 , SPE9015CC/05 , SPE9015CC/10 , SPE9020CC/05 . more less

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