Philips Portable DVD Player PET728



NO SERVICE message displayed while tuning TV stations

  • Check if you are living in an area that is covered by Digital video broadcast > Please refer to the FAQ “How do I know if the area I live has the digital video broadcast signal covered?” * There may be signal interference in your current position > Move around your set or try to reposition the antenna to get a better reception * Check the signal level strength of the device in the setting menu. If the signal is green or yellow, meaning there is no issue with the reception, then there may be a suspension of service of the TV broadcast station. > Please check with your local station for detail * You may have selected a foreign channel > Check if you have the correct country setting in the receiver. Please do the TV program installation once operating in other countries. * You may be trying to use the receiver on the road >* Your DVB-T receiver is not designed for mobile application and will not be able to receive signal when travelling at speeds of over 50km/h

The information on this page applies to the following models: PET728/00 .

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