The picture skips or freezes while playing back the disc on the DVD player

The picture may freeze or skip if you are playing back your disc on a vibrating surface or while shaking the player vigorously. * Be sure the unit is on a solid vibration free surface * The Electronic Skip Protection is running out of buffer time. The ESP (Electronic Skip Protection) memory buffer is empty after experiencing continuous shocks. When the memory buffer starts refilling, then skipping will stop. This is normal and only very severe bumps or shocks over an extended period of time will cause this to happen.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PET745/12 , PET831/12 , PET831/05 , PET831/98 , PET735/00 , PET830/93 , PET830/00 , PET835/00 , PET830/75 , PET830/05 , PET830/98 , PET830/58 , PET830/04 , PET835/04 . more less

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