GoGEAR MP4 player

Ariaz, 4 GB* SA2ARA04S/02


Radio playback time shorter than audio playback time

Unlike audio playback radio playback consumes larger electric current to cause the shorter playback time. To extend the battery life, we propose: * Disable FullSound function by selecting the Settings -> Sound settings ->FullSound -> Off. NOTE: Disable FullSound function will affect the sound quality of your music. * Select the display settings such as Brightness, Backlight timer and Screen off timer as proper level in the Settings option.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SA2ARA04S/02 , SA2MUS08S/02 , SA2MUS32S/02 , SA2MUS16S/02 , SA2ARA04K/02 , SA2ARA16K/02 , SA2ARA08S/02 , SA2ARA08K/02 . more less

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