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ActiveRelease technology, Natural oils + Vitamin E, Premium styling performance, Hair becomes softer, shinier and stays strong* HP8383/01


How do I replace the Nutri wonder plate covers?

The Nutri wonder plate covers can be easily removed from and attached to your Philips Nutri Wonder straightener using the sliding buttons on the side of the device.

Care indicator lights up

Once both of the Nutri Wonder plates are attached properly to your hair straightener, the Care Indicator lights up on your device.

Replace every month or after 10 uses

You do not need to remove the plate covers after every use. The covers are designed to last for approximately a month, or 10 straightener uses. If you feel like the performance of the covers is declining, please replace them to enjoy maximum care for your hair.

Damaged plate covers

If your Nutri Wonder plates look damaged, please replace them immediately. Using damaged plate covers can be harmful for your hair.


Please make sure your straightener is completely cooled down before you attempt to attach or detach the Nutri Wonder plates.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HP8383/01 , HP8383/00 , HP8390/00 , HP8394/00 . more less

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