Azur Performer Steam iron

Steam 40g/min; 140g steam boost, SteamGlide soleplate, Anti-calc, 2400 Watts GC3802/20


My iron does not get hot enough

If you notice your Philips iron is not heating up fully or as much as expected, please read about it here.

The pilot light is blinking and the iron doesn't get hot

Your iron needs some time to heat up fully. The pilot light will blink while this is happening and it will stop when it is ready.

Please wait until the pilot light stops blinking. This will indicate your iron has reached the desired temperature.

The right temperature needs to be chosen

Please set the correct desired temperature on your iron's dial.

The information on this page applies to the following models: GC3802/20 , GC3803/30 , GC3809/30 , GC3810/20 , GC3811/70 , GC3811/80 , GC3819/80 , GC3829/80 , GC3830/80 . more less

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