OneBlade Face + Body

Trim, edge, shave any length of hair, 3 stubble combs, 1 body comb, 1 x blade for face, 1 x for body, UK 2-pin bathroom plug QP2620/25

Frequently Asked Questions

Which replacement blade do I use for my Philips OneBlade?

If you are wondering which replacement blades can be used for your Philips OneBlade, please find here if we can answer your question.

Replacement blades for my Philips OneBlade?

Replace your OneBlade with an original Philips OneBlade replacement pack available at a store near you or on our online shop.

The following replacement blade packs are available: -

Model QP210 Philips Replacement Blade, 1-Pack
Model QP220 Philips Replacement Blade, 2-Pack
Model QP230 Philips Replacement Blade, 3- Pack

The information on this page applies to the following models: QP2620/25 , QP6510/64 , QP2630/30 , QP2520/30 , QP6520/30 , QP6510/30 , QP2530/30 , QP2520/25 , QP2530/25 , QP6510/25 , QP6520/25 . more less

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