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    OneBlade Face

    Trim, edge, shave, For any length of hair, 3 x click-on stubble combs, Rechargeable, wet and dry use QP2520/65


    The blade of my Philips OneBlade is turning green too quickly

    Your Philips OneBlade is equipped with a blade-wear indicator. This means that with use you will see a green patch develop on your blade. Once this patch is completely green, it is a signal for you to get a new blade. However, please keep in mind that this is only an indication and you should replace the blade when you are not satisfied with its performance anymore.

    We recommend replacing the blade of your OneBlade every 4 months, based on two uses per week. To make sure you get the best out of your OneBlade, follow our advice below.
    Philips OneBlade turning green

    Clean the blade regularly

    One of the reasons for the blade turning green quicker than expected is improper cleaning. Cleaning tools such as brushes, towels etc. or chemical liquids can cause early visual wear. Please follow the cleaning instructions below for OneBlade:
    • After every use, blow off any hair that has accumulated on the blade.
    • Turn your OneBlade on and rinse the blade and comb(s) with lukewarm water.
    • If the attachments need to be cleaned more thoroughly, turn the OneBlade off, remove its attachments and wash them under a tap.
    Do not tap your blade on a hard surface like the sink to clean or dry it. This can damage the device. 
    Cleaning Philips OneBlade

    Use your OneBlade only on recommended body parts

    The Philips OneBlade is designed to be used on the face to trim and edge up your beard. With the body attachment, you can also use it on your body. However, if you use your OneBlade on other non-recommended areas, like your head, it may cause the blade to wear and turn green prematurely.

    Always make sure that your skin is clean before using OneBlade on it.

    High hair volume and density

    The lifetime of the blade of your Philips OneBlade also depends on the volume and density of your hair. The blade may wear out quicker when used on hard or long hair than on soft and/or short hair.
    If you are still not satisfied with the performance of your OneBlade or you feel you need to replace it much earlier than 4 months, feel free to contact us for further support.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: QP2520/65 , QP2620/25 , QP6510/64 , QP2630/30 , QP2520/30 , QP6520/30 , QP6510/30 , QP2530/30 , QP2520/25 , QP2530/25 , QP6510/25 , QP6520/25 . more less

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