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This patented Philips technology makes your screen seem wider—and your viewing experience more immersive—by projecting a soft ambient glow from the side of the TV screen onto the surrounding wall. The colour automatically adjusts to match the TV picture. Thanks to a wall-adaptive function, the colour of the light is perfectly aligned with the TV picture, regardless of the wall colour. You can customise the experience using various settings to suit your viewing preference.

Ambilight 2-sided XL

Ambilight 2-sided XL amplifies your viewing experience by projecting an extra-wide glow from two-sides of the TV screen onto the surrounding wall.

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Pixel Precise HD

Building on our successful Pixel Plus foundation we've elevated high-definition picture quality to the next level. Using Super Resolution technology, the next step in motion sharpness and fine details, we deliver the best Full HD TV picture quality regardless of the content. So whether you watch a video online or a high-quality Blu-ray film—you'll enjoy them both.

Smart interaction

Share photos, music, videos and films through DLNA using your smartphone, tablet or computer and enjoy them on the big screen. Sharing made simple.

Wi-Fi Miracast

Watch what you want, where you want, when you want. Mirror the content on your devices and view it on the big screen. Share photos from your smartphone, laptop screen and more. Connections are easy to set up and the technology works across multiple devices.*Check Miracast availability on your smart device.

Smart remote control

Our totally intuitive remote control has all the usual perks like cursor keys, volume control and short cut buttons. And, for something extra, simply click and hold the OK key for easy navigation. The pointer operates as a mouse allowing you to point, click and scroll easily on-screen. Flip this remote over and there's a full keyboard for easy text entry on the other side! Best of all, our intelligent remote has gyroscopic sensors, so it knows up from down—which means you can text without worrying about changing channels.**Keyboard: 6000 series. **Keyboard & pointer: 7000, 8000, 8700, 9000 & DesignLine series.

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