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High visibility for maximum safety

The high-power Luxeon LED daytime running lights improve your safety on the road, increasing your visibility without compromising on lifetime or energy consumption.

Product features

  • Water and gravel-impact resistant

    The high-quality aluminium housing and lens are water and gravel-impact resistant. After mounting, the system does not require any maintenance.

  • High-quality aluminium housing

    The robust high-quality aluminium housing prevents corrosion and is weatherproof: water, salt, sand and dust stand no chance. The result is long life and no maintenance work.

  • Smart clip-on system

    Simple installation with smart clip-on system. Install the brackets in any cavity and simply click the modules into place. The modules will lock tightly and are protected from theft.

  • Simple wiring system

    The simple wiring system will enable you to install your daylight easily.