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Warm Sensual Massager

The moodlights help you create an atmosphere of romance. Use the Warm Sensual Massager to caress and arouse your partner during foreplay. Relax, enjoy and let the journey begin...

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Product features

  • The candle lights let you create an atmosphere of romance

    The candle lights let you create an atmosphere of romance and can be switched on and off at the twist of a wrist. The set works in combination with your caress to heighten your pleasure and get you both in the mood for intimacy.

  • Can be easily pre-warmed before use

    You can choose to gently pre-warm the sensual massager to a comfortable body temperature. To use it, place the massager on the charger and press the pre-warming button. It takes five minutes for the massager to warm up. The warming along with the pleasure your touch gives, lets your partner also feel an arousing warmth from the massager’s surface.

  • Specially shaped to fit naturally with your body

    The massager feels comfortable to hold in many ways; in your palm, between your fingers, or with your fingertips. The massager is specially shaped to fit as naturally in your hand as it does to specific curves and parts of the body, while letting you maintain skin contact with your partner. You can turn the concave part away from the palm, for instance, to stroke the penis, or wrap your hand around the concave surface to titillate the clitoris with the rounded tips.

  • Feels comfortable and sexy against your skin

    Made of a soft, sensual material, the sensual massager feels comfortable and sexy against your skin. Incorporate the massager into foreplay or use during sex. Using its natural fit in the hand to experiment together for excitement and stimulation, maintaining touch between partners.

  • Use the massager in the shower

    The massagers are waterproof so you can use them in the shower or bath. Try the massagers underwater and feel a nice pulse against your body. You'll find that the Dual Sensual Massagers add a whole new meaning to 'making waves'!