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    Philips Product Reviews


    Find out more about Philips product reviews written by our customers, why your opinions are important to us and how you can become a Philips Product Tester!​

    ​​How we are making sure our reviews are authentic:​​

    • ​In our review form we will specifically ask our reviewers to confirm that they will only submit content related to the genuine review and use of their Philips product and indicate how long they have been using their product.​
    • The Bazaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trust Mark on our website is a symbol of our dedication to authentic customer feedback​​. 
    • The trust mark shows that each review has been independently verified as genuine, unbiased and fully transparent, so you can trust every comment​.
    • Positive, neutral or negative, we will always publish your review if it meets the Bazaarvoice moderation and authenticity guidelines.​


    Why do we collect reviews at Philips?

    Shop with confidence​

    If there are so many products to choose from it might be difficult to find the product that is right for you.​

    Product reviews can help you with making an informed purchase decision.​

    Learn from other customers​

    We ask our customers to leave reviews explaining in their own words what they like (pro’s) and don’t like (cons), tips and tricks. This allows shoppers to learn from other customers e.g.: how they use the product, how easy it is to use or clean products and much more. ​

    Some reviews also contain photos or videos, so it becomes easy for you to visualize the product and how it is used in a daily setting. ​

    Help us to improve our products​

    Your opinion is important to us. We are counting on you to tell us if you like the product, if the quality, the color, the material, technical characteristics meet your expectations. Satisfied or disappointed, your comment matters to us.​​

    All these Ratings and Reviews help us to innovate and improve our products and services to better meet your expectations.​​

    How do we collect reviews​?


    From customers
    Once you have made a purchase via our Philips shop or registered your product (purchased at a retailer or Philips), we will send you an email inviting you to leave an honest review for your product.

    Ratings and Reviews Image

    On our Philips website
    If you would like to share your opinion, you can always leave an honest review on the product page by clicking the "Write a review" button​.

    Product Tester

    From our Philips Product Tester program​
    You can register to become a tester of Philips products to share your honest thoughts and ideas with us. Reviews collected through our Product Tester Program will carry the “part of promotion” badge as we want to be transparent that testers received the product for free or at a discounted price​
    Find out more about our Product Tester Program​

    What type of reviews will be displayed on Philips.com

    In order to be transparent where the reviews are coming from and if the reviewer received a potential incentive, we are using different types badges to indicate this.

    Promotional Review
    Promotional Review
    Promotional Review

    The badge indicates that the specific review is a Verified Purchased Review. This review has been written by a consumer that has bought the product via Philips.com, or has registered their product via their MyPhilips account.

    The badge indicates that the specific review is an Incentivized Review. ​This badge is required any time a consumer writes a review in exchange for something of value. Possible incentives include entry into a sweepstakes, coupons or discounts, loyalty reward points, and free products.​​

    The badge indicates that the specific review is an Employee Review. This reviews has been written by someone who has an affiliation with or is employed by Philips.

    How to write a review​

    Positive, neutral or negative, we will always publish your review if it meets the Bazaarvoice moderation and authenticity guidelines.
    We have a couple of tips for you on how to write an honest and helpful review:


    • Make sure to only write a review after you have used the product
    • Keep your review focused on your experience with the product
    • Provide details about why you like or dislike the product
    • Mention specific product qualities (e.g. speed, battery life)
    • If you have received an incentive for your reviews, you need to disclose this
    • Do not focus on customer service related topics. If you wish to share feedback on pricing, ordering, delivery or have other service related questions, please contact us directly
    • Do not include any personally identifiable information (e.g full name) as well as contact details (e.g. phone number) or any specific details about your health or a medical condition.

    How do we display reviews?

    How do we display reviews and ensure authentic content? 


    ​All reviews that are being submitted through our Philips emails, Philips website, and our Product Tester program go through a moderation process. The moderation process is managed by third party Bazaarvoice. Bazaarvoice moderates reviews as consumers submit them to ensure they meet the authenticity standards, contain on-brand content, and do not violate any rules (such as containing profanity or SPAM). Positive, neutral or negative, we will always publish your review if it meets the Bazaarvoice moderation and authenticity guidelines.​


    The Bazaarvoice Authenticity Policy has three main criteria that must be met for authentic review content displayed on the websites of Bazaarvoice clients:​

    • Free from fraud and spam: Commercially reasonable efforts are taken to help prevent the submission of fraudulent content from any submission source. This could include disruptive or ‘trolling’ behavior, commercial messages, automated submissions (e.g. bots and scripts), illegitimate or degrading content from a client’s competitor, and self-promotion.​ 
    • Free from edits, classification, and alteration: Reviews are not altered in any way by anyone other than the original author — including corrections for spelling or grammar. Reviews are not filtered, edited, or deleted simply because they are negative or are lower rated. 
    • Transparent: We do not allow companies to directly ask for positive reviews. If consumers are offered money or promotional material (such as discounts or coupons) in exchange for providing an unbiased review, then the review must note this fact. 


    ​We will only post reviews that can be marked with the Bazaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trust Mark. The Bazaarvoice Authentic Reviews Trust Mark is a symbol of a company’s dedication to authentic consumer feedback regarding its products and services. The Trust Mark is also a signal to consumers that the review content they see is safeguarded – by a neutral 3rd party – with sophisticated fraud detection technology and industry-leading best practices.​

    Authentic Reviews Mark

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