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    Baby gift baskets

    Baby gift baskets

    A Baby shower gift with a difference

    The baby gift basket

    The amount of cute baby stuff you can indulge in can make it hard to choose just one gift. From the pretty to the practical, whether you’re cooing over the tiniest socks or the smallest pair of baby nail scisssors, babyshower gift for a new arrival it can be difficult to know what gift to go for.


    But there is an answer to this conundrum: a baby gift basket. If you’re looking for a baby shower gift or something for a new arrival, baby gift baskets are an opportunity to put together a collection of thoughtful items, so you don’t have to choose between the pretty and the practical! It’s the perfect chance for you to spoil both mum & baby.


    Wondering what you should pop in your baby gift basket? Read on…

    Your first decision is the gift basket itself:

    It’s chance for you to get creative.  Make your baby shower basket something that can be used by the baby either now or when they’re a little older, such as a potty, sandcastle bucket or baby bath tub. And don’t be afraid to go crazy in the gift wrapping aisle.  Colourful tissue paper, bright ribbons and an oversized bow will give the professional look you’re after, and provide a gift that is not just endlessly practical, but also visually showstopping. 


    How many muslins does a new parent need? Well, think of a number, double it, double it again, and then times that by three. Thanks to their ability to masquerade as sunshades, dribble bibs, play mats and comforters, you can never have too many, so including a few brightly coloured muslins is a sure fire hit in any newborn gift basket.

    Natural Baby Bottle

    These Natural bottles make it easy to combine breast and bottle feeding. The teat’s design mimics the breast and makes it easy for the baby to latch on. There’s also a twin valve, which minimises the air able to reach the baby’s tummy, reducing the risk of colic.
    Philip Avent Natural baby bottle, £8

    Mini Soothers

    Mini people need mini products, which is why these soothers have been developed for tiny babies up to 2 months old and since it comes in a two-pack, there will always be a spare to hand.
    Philips Avent Mini Soothers, £4.90

    Baby & Bath Room Thermometer

    This thermometer takes the guesswork out of making sure bath water and bedroom temperatures are just right. The digital display makes it easy to read, and it’s waterproof design means it even doubles as baby’s first bath toy.
    Philips Avent Bath and Room Thermometer, £19

    DECT Baby Monitor

    If there are a few people contributing to the new baby gift basket or you want to splash out, this present has something for both baby and parent. The sound level indicator, 330 metre range and ability to talk to the little one through the monitor are functions that will be appreciated by the new parents. But baby will love the starry night projection that it can display on the ceiling and the ability to play music.
    Philips Avent DECT Baby Monitor, £155
    A gift for mum
    Add a little something for the new mum, for extra gifting points. She probably won’t have time for long bubble baths or painting her nails for a while, so go for something she can eat or drink -  whether she’s a chocoholic or a dedicated tea drinker, a little bit of luxury is always appreciated.