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    Baby shower ideas for girls

    It’s a Girl!

    Baby shower ideas for girls

    Baby shower themes for a girl

    When you’re researching baby shower ideas for girls, grab hold of every opportunity to think pink.  It’s the perfect excuse to throw some pink, coral and cherry into the mix, from the food to the decorations.


    To kick things off, it might be a fun idea to create some tasty mocktails so everyone has a drink in hand. Keeping in theme, why not try out a Cranberry Crush using our very own recipe below.

    Cranberry Cutie
    Cranberry Crush Recipe 
    • 100 ml of soda water
    • 100 ml of cranberry juice
    • Juice from one clementine orange
    • 25ml of lime juice


    Shake together with ice, and serve in chilled martini glasses. Enjoy!

    Baby gifts for girls

    Next, it’s time to shower the baby (and the mum-to-be) with gifts.


    If you’re shopping for baby gifts for girls and are worried about what’s essential kit and what’s destined to stay in its box, read on – here’s a selection of baby shower gift ideas that any new parent will love.

    Night Time Soother

    Creating a bedtime routine will let baby know that it’s time to get some sleep, and a soother is a great way of providing comfort during that time. But what about when it falls out? These soothers have it covered, with a glow-in-the-dark handle that makes it easy to find amongst the covers.
    Philips Avent Night Time Soother, £4.90

    Baby Bouquet

    Roll up a selection of muslins, socks and babygrows so that they look like flowers, and then wrap them in some tissue paper. Tie it up with a big ribbon, and voila, you’ve made your very own girly baby bouquet! If you’re feeling extra creative, add some real foliage to give it that professional florist feel.

    Newborn Starter Set

    Preparing for the arrival of a baby girl means preparing for every eventuality, and this Newborn Starter Set provides lots of options when it comes to combining bottle and breast-feeding. As well as a teat brush and a soother, there are four Natural pink bottles, in varying sizes. Each teat has a clever twin-valve, which reduces the dreaded colic by venting air in the bottle rather than the baby’s tummy.
    Philips Avent Newborn Starter Set, £34

    Baby & Bath Room Thermometer

    This adorable pink thermometer measures both air and water temperature, and it’s waterproof, so will even double as a bath time toy. The digital display is easy to read, and it’ll give any new parent peace of mind that they’ve created the very best environment for their little one to get some sleep. And sleep is a new parent’s favourite gift of all!
    Philips Avent Bath and Room Thermometer, £19
    A baby girl shower book
    Make sure that the future mum feels extra special, and ask each guest to write a piece of advice in a special keepsake book. Present it to the guest of honour at the end of the party – just have the hankies at the ready!
    A baby gift unpacking

    A game and a baby gift


    Once the presents are unwrapped, the tears have been mopped up and the cute baby gifts swooned over, it’s fun to plan an activity for the whole party. Getting each guest to decorate a babygrow or bib gives everyone a chance to exercise their creative side, and also doubles as a whole set of extra special gifts for the soon-to-be family.


    And when the party comes to an end, there’s just one thing left on the list: to find a home for everything in the nursery, ready for the much-awaited, already-loved brand new baby girl to arrive!