SENSEO® Viva Café Coffee pod machine HD7820/69 New Generation Raven black



My SENSEO is vibrating a lot

It is normal for your SENSEO coffee machine to vibrate a little during use. If your SENSEO is vibrating or rattling a lot, you

Your SENSEO is not levelled

Place your SENSEO coffee machine on a stable and flat service to reduce vibrations and rattling sounds. Also, do not place your SENSEO on a stainless-steel surface.

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The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7820/69 , HD7825/62 , HD7827/52 , HD7825/80 , HD7825/60 , HD7823/11 , HD7814/60 , HD7810/95 , HD7810/60 , HD7816/50 , HD7810/61 , HD7810/70 , HD7810/71 , HD7812/50 , HD7814/62 . more less

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