Saeco Milk frother

Stainless Steel, prepares hot and cold froth HD7019/10


Milk froth escapes under the lid of my milk frother

It can happen that milk froth escapes out of the milk frother. You can often easily fix this yourself.

The milk jug is filled beyond the MAX indication

Make sure you do not put too much milk in the milk jug. There is a MAX indication inside the milk jug. Do not fill the jug beyond this indication.

A milk type that is not suitable for frothing has been used

Use chilled semi-skimmed cow's milk for the best frothing result.

Note: Occasionally a brand of milk may not froth well or too much. In that case, put less milk in the jug or try another brand.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7019/10 .

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