SENSEO® Latte Duo Plus Coffee pod machine

Two cappuccinos in one go, Titanium Black, Integrated milk frother, Easy-clean function HD7857/50

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the on/off button of my Philips Latte Duo flash?

Please check in what way the light flashes.

Does the on/off button flash rapidly or slowly?

It flashes rapidly:

  1. Is there enough water in the water reservoir?
    The water level needs to be above the MIN indication.
  2. Has the water reservoir been placed correctly?
    Make sure the water reservoir has been placed correctly. Then check that the SENSEO® machine functions properly, i.e. the light ring starts to flash slowly.
  3. Is the float in the water reservoir stuck?
    Empty the water reservoir and shake it a few times to release the float. Clean the water reservoir with hot water and some washing-up liquid.
  4. Has the lid been closed properly?
    Make sure that the lid is properly closed before you start brewing a coffee speciality or hot milk.
  5. Did you place the coffee machine in a room where the temperature is below 10 degrees Celsius?
    Please note that the coffee machine does not work in rooms with a temperature below 10 degrees Celsius. Check whether the coffee machine functions normally when it is used in a room with a temperature above 10 degrees Celsius.
Check magnet in water tank

It flashes slowly:

If the on/off light continues to flash slowly for more than 90 seconds, contact the Philips Consumer Care Centre in your country.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HD7857/50 .

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