Lumea Prestige IPL - Hair removal device

For use on body, 15 minutes to treat lower legs, >250, 000 lamp flashes, Cordless design SC2004/14

Frequently Asked Questions

What should I keep in mind after using Philips Lumea?

To avoid undesired skin reactions after treating your skin with Philips Lumea, make sure that you think of the following:

Lumea After-care

  • For 24 hours after treatment, avoid intensive sunbathing.

  • Cool your skin with a cool damp cloth if you feel warmth in the treated areas for an extended period, and consider using a lower intensity the next time.

  • Finally, clean the Philips Lumea carefully following the instructions in the user manual.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC2004/14 , SC2005/30 , SC2009/75 , SC2009/70 , SC2009/60 , SC2009/30 , SC2007/80 , SC2007/70 , SC2007/30 , SC2005/80 , SC2005/00 , SC2009/00 , SC2007/00 , SC2008/11 , SC2004/11 , SC2006/11 , SC2003/00 , SC2003/11 , TT3000/01 , SC2002/00 , SC2002/01 , SC2001/01 , SC2001/00 , SC2006/00 . more less

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