TensRelief Wireless TENS

1 channel using 2 electrodes, Wireless controlled, Integrated activity monitor, 8 programs PR3093/00


Where should I put the TensRelief electrodes?

The electrode placement depends on the type of stimulation you would like to use and the body part you would like to treat.

Electrode Placement Guide

For suggestions regarding placement of the electrodes, see the 'Electrode Placement Guide' below.
The optimal electrode positions may vary slightly from person to person. So try moving the electrodes around until you get the most effective results. In any case, the electrodes should be placed at least 3 cm apart from each other.

Electrode placement for TENS

As a rule, place the electrodes on or near the area where you have pain.
Try to find an electrode position where you experience a strong but comfortable sensation from the stimulation. Stimulation may result in visible muscle contraction, especially in burst TENS programs (programs 7 to 11). This is not harmful, but if you find these contractions uncomfortable, try moving the electrodes to a different place, reducing the stimulation intensity or choosing a different program.

Electrode placement for TENS


  • Do not place electrodes over the carotid sinus on the sides of your neck or on the front of your neck, across your chest or on your head.
  • Do not place electrodes on red or inflamed skin or skin with open wounds, on cancerous lesions or rashes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3093/00 , PR3094/00 .

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