BlueTouch S/M upper back strap

Adjustable breathable straps PR3081/02

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does Philips BlueTouch only work with blue light?

(Only) Philips BlueTouch uses innovative blue light therapy (at a wavelength of 453 nm) with a dual effect for the relief of upper or lower back pain. It combines blue light and warmth to support the body’s natural recovery processes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: PR3081/02 , PR3083/03 , PR3083/02 , PR3081/03 , PR3081/00 , PR3081/01 , PR3082/00 , PR3083/00 , PR3083/01 , PR3092/00 , PR3741/00 , PR3743/00 . more less

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