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    RéAura Laser skin rejuvenation



    How can I make sure I’m using Philips RéAura correctly?

    Our expert skincare team has years of beauty experience and is available to help you to set up your personal plan, to interpret skincare results or with any other concerns.

    In store

    When purchasing Philips RéAura, your beauty advisor will demonstrate and advise you on how to use it correctly.


    MyReAura provides visual instruction on how to properly use the system. The community is also a place for you to connect with other RéAura users, share your experiences and see how others have experienced their treatment.

    Our expert skincare team

    Our expert skincare team is always
    available via phone and email to provide hints and tips about your programme.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SC5000/00 .

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