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Is the treatment with Philips RéAura laser technology safe?

RéAura is based on Fraxel® laser technology, which is considered the gold standard of laser skin rejuvenation and is used by professional dermatologists.

Safe, non-invasive procedure, with more than half a million treatments performed to date

The Philips RéAura laser skin rejuvenation uses a lower light intensity than the one used in professional salons. However, by using it more regularly, you are able to achieve visible results at home.

There are several safety features built in to the Philips RéAura laser skin rejuvenation:

Child lock

RéAura does not work without the application tip, to prevent unintended use by children. After use always take off the application tip and store it separately from RéAura. Keep the tip in a safe place, out of the reach of children.

Eye protection

To protect the eyes, RéAura only emits laser pulses if the application tip is fully in contact with the skin.

Over-treatment protection

If RéAura detects that more than the recommended maximum number of doses have been applied within 24 hours, it switches off automatically and remains locked for 24 hours to prevent further use.

Thermal protection

If the built-in temperature sensor measures a too high or too low temperature inside the RéAura, it switches the laser off.
During clinical studies no serious or unexpected side effects or adverse events were observed or reported. All subjects agreed that the device was safe for self-use in the home environment and there are no long-term side effects, such as skin cancer, recorded to date.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SC5000/00 .

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