Shaver series 3000 Dry electric shaver

CloseCut heads Flex & Float, Corded use only HQ6906/16


Why doesn't the shaver work when I press the on/off button?

  • This shaver is not rechargeable and therefore only works when it is connected to the mains.
  • The shaving unit may be soiled or damaged to such an extent that the motor cannot run. Clean the shaving unit thoroughly or replace it.
  • You may not have reassembled the shaving unit properly after extra-thorough cleaning.

If the appliance still does not work, take it to your local Philips dealer or contact our Philips Consumer Care Center.

The information on this page applies to the following models: HQ6906/16 , PT710/14 , PT715/41 , PT715/20 , PT715/16 , PT715/15 , PT715/14 , PT710/41 , PT710/20 , PT710/17 , PT710/16 , PT710/15 , PT715/17 , HQ6942/33 , HQ6900/16 , HQ6941/33 , HQ6941/16 , HQ6940/16 , HQ6940/33 , HQ8200/17 , HQ8200/18 , HQ7300/16 , HQ7300/17 , HQ9020/16 . more less

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