Avent Smart baby monitor

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I cannot see my baby

Please check the following things:

  • Is your WiFi signal strong enough in the room where the baby monitor is set up?
  • Is the baby monitor switched ON and connected to a live socket?

Please check the WiFi status light on thebaby monitor. If it is solid green, the baby monitor is connected to the WiFi. If it is solid red, it is not connected to the WiFi. You can find more information on what the WiFi status lights mean in the online DFU

If you are using multiple baby monitors, make sure that the correct one is set to display video. This is indicated next to the name of the baby monitor in the left tray menu of the application.

It is also possible that 3 users are already viewing the baby. If you are an admin, you can always de-activate one of the other users at that point.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SCD860/05 .

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