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USB Flash Drive

1 GB, vivid edition FM01FD05B/00

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the advantages of Philips USB flash drive?

At the size of a pack of gum, USB flash drives are far smaller than external hard drives, and with no fragile moving parts that can break if dropped, they are more easily transported and much more robust.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FM01FD05B/00 , FM16FD05B/00 , FM08FD05B/00 , FM04FD05B/00 , FM02FD05B/00 , FM01FD00B/00 , FM08FD30B/00 , FM02FD00B/00 , FM04FD30B/00 , FM16FD00B/00 , FM16FD02B/00 , FM01FD20B/00 , FM08FD20B/00 , FM04FD20B/00 , FM02FD20B/00 , FM01FD02B/00 , FM08FD02B/00 , FM04FD02B/00 , FM02FD02B/00 , FM08FD00B/00 , FM04FD00B/00 , FM51FD00B/00 , FM01FD10B/00 . more less

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