USB Flash Drive

1 GB, vivid edition FM01FD05B/00


My Philips USB flash with data does not respond anymore

Whenever you experience data loss due to accidental erase or corruption immediately STOP using the USB flash drive. Try to retrieve the data is through recovery software, such as Image Rescue 2 or Image Recall 2, which are available at computer retail stores.

The information on this page applies to the following models: FM01FD05B/00 , FM16FD05B/00 , FM08FD05B/00 , FM04FD05B/00 , FM02FD05B/00 , FM01FD00B/00 , FM08FD30B/00 , FM02FD00B/00 , FM04FD30B/00 , FM16FD00B/00 , FM16FD02B/00 , FM01FD20B/00 , FM08FD20B/00 , FM04FD20B/00 , FM02FD20B/00 , FM01FD02B/00 , FM08FD02B/00 , FM04FD02B/00 , FM02FD02B/00 , FM08FD00B/00 , FM04FD00B/00 , FM51FD00B/00 , FM01FD10B/00 . more less


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