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    Surge protector

    Home theatre, 5 outlets SPN6510/05

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the Power Blocker Auto Shutdown Technology work?

    A surge protector equipped with Power Blocker technology will shut down the power connection automatically when the maximum Joule capacity is reached. In practice, this happens when a serious over voltage is present on your power outlet in the house. By shutting down the power connection, the surge protector ?sacrifices? itself in order to protect your connected equipment against this over voltage. The PROTECTING indicator light will go out. After shutting down the power connection the surge protector needs to be replaced. If your connected equipment is nevertheless damaged, you can use the Connected Equipment Warranty (CEW).

    The information on this page applies to the following models: SPN6510/05 , SPN6500/05 , SPR5540BN/05 , SPN6520/05 , SPR5500/05 , SPR5510/05 , SPN7810/05 , SPN8040/05 , SPN7840/05 , SPN7830/05 , SPN7820/05 , SPN6530/05 , SPN6540/05 , SPR5520/05 , SPR5500BN/05 , SPR5540/05 . more less

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