Surge protector

Home theatre, 5 outlets SPN6510/05

Frequently Asked Questions

Protection light of my Philips surge protector is off

If this light is off, it indicates that your surge protector has reached its capacity and done its job, therefore it is no longer able to protect against surges. When this occurs, you will have to purchase a new surge protector to restore protection to your connected equipment. Note: this product has no serviceable parts inside This product, like all surge protectors, has a limited life. Even under normal circumstances, and in the absence of defects, the product?s life will end when the components providing surge protection exceed capacity and cease to provide protection from power surges and spikes.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPN6510/05 , SPN6500/05 , SPR5540BN/05 , SPN6520/05 , SPR5500/05 , SPR5510/05 , SPN7810/05 , SPN8040/05 , SPN7840/05 , SPN7830/05 , SPN7820/05 , SPN3110/05 , SPN3110/19 , SPN3120/05 , SPN3120/10 , SPN3120/19 , SPN6530/05 , SPN6540/05 , SPR5520/05 , SPR5500BN/05 , SPR5540/05 . more less

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