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    AJ3551/12  Digital tuning clock radio
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    Digital tuning clock radio


    How many times will the alarm of Philips clock repeat?

    It depends on the time interval between repeating alarms you have set. The length of active time for repeating alarm is 30min. If you set the time interval between repeating alarm as 5 minutes, the alarm will repeat for 6 times. If you set the interval as 8 minutes, the alarm will repeat for 3 times. You can adjust the time interval as 5-15 minutes. To adjust the interval: 1. Set the alarm to a few minutes later. 2. When the alarm rings, press REPEAT ALARM / BRIGHTNESS CONTROL button. 3. Press TUNING +/- button to adjust the interval to repeat alarm.

    The information on this page applies to the following models: AJ3551/12 , DC315/12 , DC315/05 .

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