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    EXP2546/12  Portable MP3-CD Player
    Please be aware that your product may differ in colour from this picture but the support information is the same
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    Portable MP3-CD Player


    My Philips CD player has no power

    Try the following: * Replace old batteries with new ones * Make sure the batteries are aligned with the polarity in the battery compartment correctly * If you use an AC adapter, make sure the AC adapter is connected properly * Make sure the HOLD switch is switched to the OFF position. (Depending on models, the HOLD switch is usually located on the bottom of the unit.)

    The information on this page applies to the following models: EXP2546/12 , AX2506/02 , EXP2546/02 , AX2503/00 , EXP2542/00 , EXP2540/02 , AX2500/02 , EXP2480/00 , EXP3460/02 , EXP2460/02 , AX2400/02 , EXP2300/02 , EXP3360/00Z , AX2301/05Z , AX2300/00Z , EXP220/00Z , EXP320/00Z , AX2200/00Z , EXP321/05Z , EXP320/00C , AX3201/05Z , AX2201/05Z , AZT9500/05Z , EXP210/00 , AX1100/00 , AZT9500/00C , AX1100/00Z , AX2200/00C , AX5100/00 . Show more product numbers Show less product numbers

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