Surge protector

Home theatre, 5 outlets SPN6510/05

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CEW and how does it work?

CEW stands for Connected Equipment Warranty. The CEW process starts with contacting the “Philips Customer Care service” by phone. Here you will be guided through a questionnaire. Then the claim will be assessed and if it is found to be valid, it will be paid out according to today's value. Please check the Service and Warranty section on the support page for the Connected Equipment Warranty conditions.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SPN6510/05 , SPN6500/05 , SPR5540BN/05 , SPN6520/05 , SPR5500/05 , SPR5510/05 , SPN7810/05 , SPN8040/05 , SPN7840/05 , SPN7830/05 , SPN7820/05 , SPN3110/05 , SPN3110/19 , SPN3120/05 , SPN3120/10 , SPN3120/19 , SPN6530/05 , SPN6540/05 , SPR5520/05 , SPR5500BN/05 , SPR5540/05 . more less

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