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What can I do with my Philips wireless TV-link?

  1. The wireless TV-link makes it possible to watch a TV-channel or the content of a DVD or video at a considerable distance from the video-source. At the same time it is not necessary to have wires all through your home. 2. The wireless TV-link can work as a SCART-splitter. When your TV does not have enough SCART-IN-connections, you can switch between up to 4 connected devices as source for one of your TVs. The reach of the device is about 30 meters indoor (thick walls, electromagnetic interference, concrete floors, etc. can restrict the reach). Video-sources can be: set top boxes, video- and DVD-recorders, DVD-players. An antenna-cable is not a suitable video-source, though. The TV-link consists of 2 parts: a transmitter and a receiver. To the transmitter you can connect up to 4 different video-sources by a SCART-connector. Your TV is connected to the SCART-out-connection. The transmitter sends the signal of one of the four sources wireless to the receiver The receiver is connected to a second TV. With the remote control of your video-source you can operate the video-source while you are near the receiver. You can get picture and sound on your second TV. It is possible to make recordings through the TV-link: “EXT 4” is an OUT and IN SCART connection.

The information on this page applies to the following models: SLV5400/05 .

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