DVD/VCR Player

Direct Dubbing, Progressive Scan DVP3350V/01

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I record from VHS to DVD on my Philips player?

No, you cannot. This device is composed of a DVD player and a videocassette recorder. You can copy the content of a DVD to a videocassette if the content is not copy protected.

The information on this page applies to the following models: DVP3350V/01 , DVP3350V/19 , DVP3350V/05 , DVP3350V/02 , DVP3055V/01 , DVP3100V/19 , DVP3100V/02 , DVP3100V/01 , DVP3055V/19 , DVP3055V/02 , DVP3055V/05 , DVP3100V/05 , DVP620VR/04 , DVP620VR/07 , DVP721VR/00 , DVP721VR/02 , DVP620VR/02 , DVP620VR/00 , DVP620VR/05 , DVD755VR/05 . more less

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